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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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accomplishments with mars. these symbols are morse codes for the jet propulsion laboratory on. when they called to tell him that he was invited to the state of the union. >> i told them that i needed a minute to win. >> it has been a whirl wind from being mentioned by the president in connection with the mars remover team. >> i understand there's a special mohawk guy working on the team. >> fans have painted him, used a look alike to create a music video to the tune of "sexy and i know it." ♪ >> he thinks it's all great though he gets shy about the marriage proposals and fan love. one tweet, i would let that mohawk land his remover on my red planet any time. >> his hairstyle, by the way, is
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not some do-it-yourself mohawk. it's done by a salon. >> don't worry i'm not going to ask how much it costs. >> that is all right. >> how much does it cost? >> of all the tributes flowing around the internet this is one of his favorite. >> you'll never get a good job with a haircut like that, but you may get to the state of the union. cnn ♪ >> nice haircut. remember, you can follow what is going on here in the situation room on twitter. you can tweet the show. and like us on facebook as well. i'm wolf blitzer in washington, the news continues next on cnn. >> hello everyone, don lemon
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here, i want to get you up to speed. truck bomb killed 79 people today at a marketplace in central pakistan, nearly 200 others were wounded. police say the explosives were detonated by remote control. the attack was the latest in an ongoing campaign in violence? the region that is overwhelmingly sunni. cardinals could meet sooner than expected to begin the process of choosing a new pope. a spokesman said that the conclave can start as soon as the cardinals are in rome. the pope steps down at the end of the month. across southern russia, it's cleanup day today, the biggest thing is the broken glass and the damaged buildings. 4,000 buildings were damaged. watch and listen. this video is from a high school student when, took it when the
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meteor created a sonic boom. it radiated over 80,000 square miling. 1,000 people were hurt mostly by flying gas. jesse jackson jr. has been charged with misusing $750,000 in campaign funds. he bought personal items. including michael jackson items. and bruce lee items. it will be up to a judge if he will serve any prison time. by now you have probably heard stories from the carnival ship. fights over food, and sleepless nights. but for two passengers this cruise was about more than getting away from it all. this is about much, much more. they boarded the ship to say farewell, scattering the ashes of a long-time friend who died recently from cancer. for them, this was going to be a hard trip no matter what.
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and it became worse than anyone could have imagined. we will speak with one of the women here in a moment on cnn, first, we will see where the investigation into the ship stands right now. >> you can see the triumph over my shoulder way off in the distance. to give you a sense of scale, it has 13 decks in all and is the length of three football fields. the officials are trying to figure out the source of sunday's fire that brought this cruise to a screeching halt. they have a lot of work ahead of them as they try to go into the engine room and figure out where the fire may have started. it may have been somewhere else. they have to look through all of the systems on board the ship. they have already spent time talking with passengers before they disembarked and went to the far corners of the earth going back home again. but they will be examining the procedures followed after the
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fire took place. there's another engine room that they could have turned to as an alternative source of power, however, investigators are saying that might have been a risky move. >> in this case of course they may have been able to restore power but the safe thing -- may have been able to restore power, but the safe thing was to be towed back. >> the data recorder is going to be examined, it preserves conversations that took place aboard the ship as bridge and to stores all the data about what was happening. and we spoke to the crew members and they are saying they are helping with the cleanup process. the investigation will take quite some time, possibly up to a year before a final report is issued by the government where the ship is is registered. susan in alabama. >> thank you for that.
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never would have imagined what waited for them. the cruise was meant to honor the life of their friend after she died from a rare form of cancer is. laura was going to scatter ashes with another friend. gina thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> hi, don, it's wonderful to be here, thank you. >> tell me a little bit more about your own experience. how bad was it? >> it was really bad. our own experience, we had raw sewage in our room that had over flowed from the toilet and we could not stay in our roop more than a few seconds without wanting to volumit. >> you are a diabetic and that made it tougher for you? >> it did, trying to make healthy choices with the food,
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and getting protein, but i knew god had my back. >> you said that you wanted to scatter laura's ashes because they loved vacation and water and soun. you probable felt she was watching over you, what do you think she'd make of it? >> i think she'd be happy with the way that carrie and i tried to hold her tight in our hearts. i know that she'd be happy with the way we spread her ashes. it was wonderful. >> you were able to scatter her ashes before the ship lost power. do you plan to sue the cruise ship? >> i don't know what i plan on that. i have never been that kind of person. i just want to know what really happened because i feel like i still don't know the truth. >> you are not getting any answers? >> no. i have heard nothing.
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you know, it seemed like everything that we got answered on the cruise ship then turned to a different answer. so, i never was clear. i just, just held out faith. that is all. >> you have not watched much news coverage, have you? >> no, i haven't. i went to sleep last night. i don't remember my head hitting the pillow. >> is it because this wore you out, this whole experience or you do not want to relive it or a combination? >> no, it's because i was so exhausted, carrie and i tried to sleep on the deck on the lawn chairs that they had the and one time we tried to stay in the lounge. it was unsettling for all of us to try to fall asleep. >> tomorrow is laura's birthday. any plans for the day? >> just going to be around my family and thank god.
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hug everybody that i can. tell them i love them. >> gina thank you for joining us. we are glad that you are okay. >> thank you. thank you very much. and thank you for memorializing laura. >> thank you for being with us. experts are saying that the meteor that broke up over russia it had nearly 30 times the power of a atomic bomb, how did something that big and powerful go undetected. and a little girl taking on the catholic church, her football career sidelined. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science.
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>> one firefighter is dead and three others are in burn units it happened in brian texas late last night when a knights of columbus hall was engulfed in flames. a fire lieutenant was kill ced. they are investigating what caused the blaze . >> from 130 miles an hour to zero in a blink of an eye it happened friday night in iowa during a high-speed chase, the officer was out of his cruiser so he was okay. but the driver of the pediatricing car was killed. only after the wreck did the police discover the man's 5-year-old son was in the wrecked car. the boy survived and being treated for his injuries. the child was at the center of a
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custody dispute between the man and his ex-wife. running for cover in russia. more than 1 with,000 people were hurt when a meteor raced across the sky, triggering a sonic boom, witnesses describe the meteor's flash as bright as ten suns and it happened nearly 30 times the power -- it had nearly 30 times the power of the atomic bomb, i spoke with an astronomer who explained to me what happened and he brought along cool space debris. >> it's big for a meteor and tiny for an astroid. the reason this astroid or small meteor made such a large impact, if you will on the russian landscape is that it was traveling at 33,000 miles per lawyer. and as it slowed down, it's like a swimmer doing a belly flop from a very high diving board
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into water. >> right. >> but you are traveling a lot faster than the swimmer. that energy has to go somewhere and then energy went into light as you saw in the street. >> that is what caused the shock wave and the damage? >> yeah, the shock wave is what happened. and the injuries happened because people went to the window and saw this bright light, because light traveling faster than sound and then the soupd arrived and shattered the windows when everybody was looking out the window. >> is there a way to detect the next encounter? >> even the best radar would be having a tough time to detect something 50 feet or less across. unlike the a astroid that passed the earth yesterday, we had plenty of warning. this fragment that i have with me today is from the impact that happened in 1947. and --
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>> that heavy. >> you can say, it's heavy, it's made of iron and nickel and that is different than from what happened yesterday. it was a stoney meteorite as best we can tell. this one did not break up, it came down and made craters in 1947. so 1903 was similar, it was an air burst that wiped out the trees in siberia. >> i'm surprised how heavy it is for its size. that is one of the signs. you have a meteorite and not a meteor wrong. >> boom. that is funny. with the burst yesterday, how much danger was the planet in? >> globally, very little. if the meteor came over a more populated area, you would have had more injuries. it's not like a climate changer, like the one that hit 65 million years ago, that made the demise
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of the dinosaurs possible. but certainly the astroid that passed us yesterday, if that had hit, it would have wiped out 800 miles worth of real estate very quickly. >> goodness. are the two events connect in. >> no. >> not at all? >> and we know it for sure. >> a coincidence? >> a lot of people have asked that. you have to know the two events were separated by about 14 hours. the earth is going around the sun at 19 miles per second. in 14 hours we have covered a lot of real estate going around the sun. these two items were not connect in any way. just a cosmic coincidence. >> thank you. straight ahead on cnn, in the sky, you have seen them on spy films and used by our military and now they are coming to a neighborhood near you, does that mean big brother is watching you? you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper.
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>> president obama is in florida in weekend getting in golf at a resort. a little while ago, fighter jets had to escort a plane out of air space where the president is staying. the faa is investigating. meantime the president used his weekly address to reinforce the state of the union address, calling for new programs to stimulate the economy. >> we need to launch manufacturing hubs across the country that will transform hard hit regions into global centers of high tech jobs and manufacturers. we need to make the tax code more competitive. and reward companies that create jobs here at home. >> in her party's weekly address, alabama congress woman blamed the president for the billions in spending cuts that could take effect on march 1st. >> as the clock is ticking towards his devastating sequester the president has failed to put forward a plan to
4:21 pm
prevent it, why? because president obama and senate democrats see his sequester as an opportunity to push through another tax increase. >> roby said that the president should consider the alternative budget cuts already passed. marco rubio is headed to the middle east, he left today on a week will have long trip that will take him to israel and jordan. the trip comes days after rubio delivered the republican response to president obama's state of the union address. when drones are used to save the lives of american soldiers we are glad to have them. but what about when they are in our own skies spying on us. whether we have committed a crime or not. that is a question that authorities are wrestling with, while playing catch up with this technology. we look at the complicated question of what to do with drones. >> the skies across america could soon be welcoming more drones. the faa is seeking proposals from cities, states and
4:22 pm
universities to create six test sites for unmanned aircraft systems. the sites will allow them to develop safety standards that will allow drones to be fully integrated into the national air space by 2015. the drone industry said they make good economic sense. in the next three years after the faa figured out integration, we could see 70,000 jobs be created in the industry. >> the coast guard uses drones for surveillance on ice sheets in alaska and others were used during a border dispute. they will be monitoring pipelines by energy companies and by familiarers to monitor crops. new uses will need new rules to protect privacy. >> we do not want drones to be eyes in the sky spying on us. we need controls so that drones are only used when we have -- we
4:23 pm
believe a crime is happening or we are trying to do something particular like fight a forest fire or find a missing child. if we put those controls in place, we will have a powerful technology that has appropriate controls. >> in seattle earlier this month, the mayor ended a police department drone over privacy kenners and the virginia legislature is on work on bills that would temporarily ban drones there. the faa is asked for public input on the test sites and this privacy issue is not going to go away. just this week, two house members, a republican and democrat introduced a bill that requires law enforcement to get a search warrant before using drones to investigate crimes. don? >> thank you very much. what if i told you, there could be a weapon that was deadly, it was undetectible, untraceable and disposable, sounds like science fiction, but we may see it in a matter of months.
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4:27 pm
vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote and the families of aurora deserve a vote. >> that brought everyone, everyone, including house speaker, john boehner, to their feet, even if the president's gun measures are passed, the measures that include a ban on assault weapons, people can arm themselves in a difference way. it sounds like science fiction, but the technology is closer than you think. using 3-d technology, you can now print guns. yes, print them and yes, they will fire bullets. kenner? does that alarm you? how about this part? the guns are disposable, untraceable and undetectible. let's bring in our tech expert. laurie, how does this work? >> i mean, don, you are right, it sounds like science fiction,
4:28 pm
but 3-d printers have been around for ages. they are cheaper now and they are in people's homes. you can download a blue print of anything connect with software on your computer and the 3d printer will print out whatever you have put in there and it uses liquid plastic, people are printing out everything from buttons if they lost a button, but now they are starting to print out gun parts groups that are trying to make it a bit more vague. now you can print out parts and put it together and make a gun. in the next few months you can print out a gun. it's not technology in the future, it's right now. >> and trying to have the laws catch up with the technology will be pretty challenging just like having the laws catch up with what is happening on the internet. >> sure, i mean, you are right. every time you have a new technology out there, you cannot ignore it.
4:29 pm
i mean, the idea that in our homes we can print out buttons to shoes to lethal weapons. that is something that is very, very close in the future. so a lot of lawmakers are struggling with that right now. you know, there's a renewable undetectible firearms act that has been in place for a long time and that is coming up and people are talking about that. it's people testing out the technology right now. but you have been seeing them printing out a gun that can print ocan shoot out not six bullets but 100. we are going to have 3-d printers in our home like we have tvs. lots of 3 had d printing -- 3-d
4:30 pm
printing companies are committed to getting them in people's homes. it's accelerating. >> you make your own gun, therefore you cannot really trace any of it. that's, man. that's a little scary. >> scary stuff. >> yeah, all right, laurie. thank you, appreciate ilt. good segment. >> tomorrow, a lesson for the u.s. we will explain the action australia took on guns after the mass can i canning there, fareed talks with the man who made it happen. gps airs tomorrow right here on cnn, it's half past the hour, we are getting close toyota, we will get a look at the headlines. the head of iraq spy school was kill canned today, bought there's conflicts reports about his death. local officials say he was killed by confronting two stieds bombers that just killed his two bodyguards. the police say he died when two
4:31 pm
bodyguards were shot. a national hero, formerly charged with murder. oscar pistorius will know on tuesday if he will even get bail. he is charged with shooting to death his 29-year-old girlfriend in his home. through his agent, approximate pistorius strongly denies the murder charge and prosecutors say they will argue he planned it ahead of time. a delta passenger that smacked a crying toddler during a flight could get up the a year for assault. he was sitting next to the boy and his mother. the boy began to cry, he used the n word and slapped the child. a single bullet to the head killed rogue ex-cop christopher dorner and the wound is most likely self inflicted.
4:32 pm
he decide after a man hunt. the mountain cabin where he made the final stand burned to the ground during the standoff. dorner's mother condemned her son's actions and expressed sorrow for his victims and their families. coming up at the top of the hour, a look at the man hunt, the final shootout and the victims of the exl.a. cop killing spree. watch killer cop, inside the hunt for christopher dorner. 8:00 p.m. eastern. after five days on the field. a defensive guard booted from the youth football league because she is a girl. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all?
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the nba's best players are gathered in houston. and and it happens to be the great michael jordan's 50th birthday. that added new fuel to the debate of who is the best of all
4:36 pm
time? jordan or la brawn james. we asked la brawn directly. >> michael jordan said if he could take kobe or lebron, he said he would take ko bmp e because of the amount of rings. is that fair? >> you have a guy that has won multiple rings. >> former michael jordan teammate. >> i do not take him over charles barkley. let's talk about the all time great of bill ruffle. 11 rings. which is five more than mike won. but if we had a draft today, would you take ruffle over jordan? i don't think so. so, it all depends how you categorize talent and the greats. >> catch lebron james at the nba all-star game tomorrow on tnt, tipoff at 8:00 eastern.
4:37 pm
ever wish you could sneak inside a stadium and see what it's like from a players perspective? google maps will have a cool look at where the indianapolis colts play. fans are treated from views from the tunnel to the end zone. you can check out the stadium suites and explore the player's locker room. >> the behind one of the most recognizable and famous nfl logos died. the he designed the dallas cowboys star while serving as the equipment manager in 1959. he created a simple look that became legendary. the 89-year-old died this week. a pennsylvania girl got booted from a catholic football league over her gender. the 11-year-old girl has been playing football since kindergarten. we are tracking the fight for the girl to get back on the
4:38 pm
field. >> reporter: the 11-year-old has been suiting up for football since kindergarten, but her playing time ended last season. the boys only policy was enforced and it sidelined the guard and defensive end. >> really mad that we do not get the same opportunities as boys because we are not a boy. >> reporter: her father said the ruling is archeic. >> they are not going through uncharted water or pioneering something that has not been addressed before. >> reporter: caroline's mom started online petition to let girls play. her goal, 100 signatures and now there's over 100,000. one signer is a peewee football sensation from utah that was featured on a wheaties box. >> first of all is it hard?
4:39 pm
have you gotten hurt? >> i have not gotten hurt, but i have hurt people. >> you have? >> yeah. >> reporter: the media blitz and petition has not swayed the church. traditionally football is a boys only sport, due to it's full contact nature. most parents and players have preferred this. some now disagree. calls for an immediate change in the policy are premature and unwise without adequate consultation especially with the safety rules involved. >> i was surprised that we are not allowed to play because we are girls. they say it's a safety issue, but i don't get that, because it's not just a safety issue for us, it's a safety issue for anyone that goes on the field. >> reporter: the church it seems that is a formidable opponent. >> well this is an old story, girl meets boy, boy is a zombie, they fall in love, well sort of.
4:40 pm
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tennessee's high beer tax. it is working its way through the state legislature, the goal to make the drink cheaper to buy and the go to make the state more attractive for breweries. we have seen a decline in popularity in vampires and werewolves in movies. but the biggest budget ever for a zombie flick will bring world war z to the screen, that is based loosely on a best selling novel. it stars bad pit and looks scary. but in a lighter subject, girl meets zombie, boy falls in love with girl. we talked with the cast of warm bodies. >> this is kind of like a love
4:44 pm
story? >> it is. and we play tribute to romeo and juliet. >> talk about making it awkward to meet a girl's dad. like instantly, he wants to shoot me and threaten to shoot me. it's fun. >> it's intimidating. >> your vocabulary is limited. you have to grown a lot, but you have to communicate to the audience. what kind of challenges did that pose to you? >> it was tricky. just thinking in different ways to try to use body language and you know, a lot of the time, the character is trying his best on connect and so i kind of focused on the other people in the scene and luckily jonathan, talented actresses and actors around me. >> how do you feel that zombie
4:45 pm
purists will take to it? >> that was a worry, a lot of zombie purists think that they should not think or feel. so we kept zombieland tone and added romance in there. >> do you think there's enough, to make it a date movie? do you think there's enough of the love story in it? >> absolutely. for guys and girls. and that is what is so great about it, it's a mixed genre, it's action and romance and comedy and something for the guys a little bit of gore and all the action and then it's such a sweet endeari ining love story in it. and how love breathes life back in you and the importance of being connect and not distracted by the world around us and all the technology. so, not only is it good for guys and girls, it's also good for a wide demographic of people. my 60-year-old dad saw the movie and loved it.
4:46 pm
and has told all his friends and they are all excited to see it. >> you can see more reports like that one. a final moments of a ship at sea. >> we are learning new details of how the hms bounty sink during hurricane sandy. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ at ♪ let's face it. everyone has their own way of doing things. at university of phoenix we know learning is no different.
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we are learning more now about the sinking of the hms bounty, it was caught in hurricane sandy, the captain and one member of the crew died, coast guard hearings started a if y few days ago in virginia, it's not a criminal hearing but it could lead to new federal safety regulations. a black nurse said she was banned from caring for a newborn
4:50 pm
child because of her skin color. she is suing the michigan hospital where she has worked for 45 years. the father of the child did not want african americans involved with his baby's care. this note was on the baby's medical chart. it reads, please, no african american nurses to care for baby per dads request. the attorney describes the reaction. >> it was shocking to her. she was very upset and offended, she was in disbelief. >> the hospital has not commented to cnn. fashion designer john galliano is trying to come back after his ant semitic rant. we are tracking the up roar in new york. >> hey, don, as fashion weekends in new york and ramps up in europe, one of the biggest stories is john galliano gallia
4:51 pm
return to fashion. not everyone is happy about his return. >> when this image appear odd the cover of "the new york post," the fashion designer dressed in garb that some say mocked the jewish faith. some were stunned. >> there was no doubt in my mind, when i looked at the approxima picture of what he was wearing, he looked like. one of the people i represent. all the more stinging because galliano, though loved in fashion for being a true original is now equally known for this. cell phone krefl pho cell phone video at a cafe in paris that ultimately got him fired as top designer at cristian dior. he was also given a fine of
4:52 pm
$8,500 by a french court. that was in 2011. since then, galliano has been largely out of the spotlight. until january when oscar oscar de la renta invited gallano into his studio as a three-week residency seen as a way to test the waters and ask for the question, is the public ready to forgive. at de la renta's show this week, the clothes on the runway clearly had galliano's influence. what was not known until now is the disgraced designer has been on a path to redemption. meeting privately with top jewish leaders. >> i think he's still on a pilgrim imagine. this is the national director of the anti-defamation league and says over the past year and a half, he has personally met with galliano five times. >> i said do you know to say to a jew my hero is hitler, what it means? he says now i do. but when i was drunk, it just
4:53 pm
came out. >> do you like him? >> i've grown to like him. i will tell you, the first time he came to visit, the security wasn't -- he was dressed in such a way to say you're not coming to see foxman. >> that's because galliano was dresed like this. look familiar? his spokeswoman says john has worn big hats and long coats for many, many years. i can assure you, there was no intent to insult jewish culture. >> this is john galliano being john galliano. this is a fragile human being. why go after him? this will destroy him. >> foxman says galliano has told him he wants to go to israel, even auschwitz, meet with survivors and better understand how hurtful he was when his image wsplashed across the cove of the tabloids, foxman said he e-mailed galliano with the
4:54 pm
message you are not alone. whether he'll ever have after career again as a top designer for a major fashion house is not alone. but many say they will not forgive and they will never forget. >> a sip of water turns into a flood of quips. marco rubio and his big gulp during a big speech. we're spilling all the jokes. burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight."
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♪ some nights i win this song would end b ♪ ♪ kbauz i could use some friends for a change ♪ ♪ and some nights i'm scared you'll forget me again ♪ ♪ some nights >> that is the bad fun. they just picked up a grammy as best new artist despite being around for a decade now. i spoke to the band after getting some of your questions for them. we put it out on twitter yesterday do you have any questions for fun. >> it's how we got our name. >> nope. it was how do you sing in the tight jeans. >> they're not even that tight. >> am i right? how do you sing in the tight jeans. >> listen, the jeans aren't that tight. go back to freddy mercury.
4:58 pm
historically, rock 'n roll jeans are very tight. as true, shouldn't that thus make singing easier? >> has anyone ever grabbed their part of the body, their voice changes. i have never seen that. >> i have never seen that happen in real life. >> it's scientific. >> coming up tonight, my full interview with the band fun. they're the hottest thing right now. join me at 10:00 p.m. eastern. okay, it was the gulp heard around the nation. the sip that launched a million kwibs. you've probably heard marco rub rubio's famous mid speech swig. >> reporter: like a man lost in the desert, parched, 11 minutes into a speech, marco rubio reached. >> then false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. >> and now we've all become water logged by that one little swig played over in lip-licking
4:59 pm
promo put together by a latin song. watergate, gulpgate, rubio's water bottle itself started to tweet. don't hate, hydrate. people posted rubio film dotties, "zero dark thirsty." it could have been worse. at least he managed not to dribble it down his chin. or his chest. what a night. even a conservative co-host "the view" likened the republican senator to the winner of westminster. >> he and marco rubio like to have water. >> senator rub bow tweeted along and bringing on a prop. >> i needed water, what am i going to do? it happens. it's a